In order for us to be able to engage in a transaction we will require some personal information from you. When you place your order you will be required to provide us with your full name, the full delivery address, a contact phone number (landline or cell phone) and your e-mail address.

gonatidisgarden strictly follows the principles of personal data protection provided by the relevant laws and international conventions and will not make any unfair use of your personal information without your prior approval. gonatidisgarden in no way discloses, publishes, sells, or shares personal data and that you entrust us. Your personal information may be made public by the company, always in accordance with the procedure provided by law when required by a public authority, court, etc.

The protection of personal data is governed by the principles of Law 2472/97 as amended by Law 3471/2006 on the Protection of Personal Data.

You can also at any time and for any reason change the personal information that you have provided us.