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Payment Methods

Bank wire transfer (deposit) or E-Banking

You can do your banking transactions 

or electronic payments via E-Banking to the following banks quickly and easily.

1. Select the bank deposit method

2. Deposit the money into one of the accounts with the reason of your order number and your full name.

3. Send us the proof of the deposit so that we can proceed with your order.




Account holder: 

* For payments via Electronic Banking outside the above banks or transfers from abroad, any costs incurred will be paid by the originator.

Payment to the store

Upon receipt of the products from our store, you can pay your order by cash, debit or credit card

All transactions on this site are made in Euros. reserves the right to delay any order for security controls or even cancel it


- If you would like to change your order payment method, you should notify the order department (tel: 694 426 2472) directly. Please note that your order  may be delayed due to changing the form of payment.

- If a bank deposit payment is selected, the products are only valid  for 7 days from the order date. After 7 days, a product may be depleted.